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5 tips to get your resume recognised by the right people

​5 Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed by the Right People

You’ve seen your dream job. You’re reading the job description thinking “I can do this, this is me…” But you have that all too familiar self- doubt “What if they don’t accept my resume?”.

Here are 5 tried and tested tips to ensure your resume sits at the top of pile:
1) Adapt your resume to match the criteria in the job description

Every job is different in some sense. A generic resume isn’t going to make your skills stand out in a competitive job market, identify the key points in the JD and ensure they are highlighted in your resume. Make your resume is as relevant as possible. It's the quality of your applications, not the quantity. 

2) Write an engaging personal statement

Why should you be hired? Job offers aren’t necessarily dependent on years’ experience; they often come down to cultural fit. How would you fit into this company? 

3)“Enthusiastic”, “passionate” and “hard-working” over overused

Try and avoid the clichés, these adjectives have lost their meaning and effectiveness. Be a bit more imaginative!

4) 2-3 pages max.

Don’t ramble – the key to a great resume is to be succinct. If you have 5 pages worth of experience, that’s amazing, but you need to identify which experience is most relevant for the role you are applying for; an employer won't be interested in the retail experience you had at 16 if you are applying for a software development job. 

5) Spellcheck, proofread & format

There is nothing more off-putting for an employer than bad spelling and punctuation. If grammar isn’t your strong suite, ask a friend to proofread for you. Double check your contact details too – it sounds basic but you’ll be surprised by the number of people who don’t keep this updated.

These are just some basic resume tips, but they are key for providing an effective resume. You can search and apply online for jobs across a variety of industries with AustCorp Executive. Alternatively, submit an enquiry if you would like to enlist our executive recruitment services.