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The Nursing Shortage Survival Guide: 7 Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Nursing Talent

Understanding the Challenges The nursing shortage, a critical issue in the healthcare industry, is not just a matter of numbers. It's a challenge that directly impacts patient care. Driven by facto...

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Tw Medtech Artificial Intelligence

Embracing AI: Transforming MedTech in 2024

We stand on the threshold of a technological renaissance in the healthcare industry, one that has the potential to redefine every aspect of patient care and medical practice as we know it. The fusi...

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Reasons Quit Job

Navigating Career Transitions: 7 Strategies for a Seamless Switch

If you've wondered what it would be like to quit your job and explore a new path this past year, you are in the majority. In 2023 alone, 1.2 million people changed jobs during the year ending Febru...

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Skilled Migrants vs. Domestic Talent: Addressing Australia's Skill Gap

Of the many troubling economic issues facing the Australian economic landscape, the increasing skills gap remains one of Australia's most significant and urgent issues. How do we balance nurturing ...

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Three individuals representing older employees, taking a stand against age discrimination in the workforce.

The Age Factor: Confronting Ageism in the “Overqualified” Argument

​Picture this: You're sifting through a stack of résumés and a candidate with an impressive track record catches your eye. But a nagging voice whispers, "They're overqualified." Is this a warning s...

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The Future of the Australian Workforce

The Australian labour market is on the brink of change. Powerful forces are emerging that will completely transform employment and industries as we know them. In the last 40 years, Australia has ex...

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Understanding and Engaging Generation Z in the Workplace

An incredible transformation is unravelling in the way we work – from AI to Zoom. The growth of digital technology coincided with a pandemic is shifting the rules of work. But there’s arguably a mo...

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Unlock Your Dream Job: Master Proactive Networking Strategies for Success

Landing your dream job isn't just about having the right qualifications or perfecting your resume; it's also about who you know and how you connect with them. Proactive networking is a crucial s...

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Become A Cross Cultural Leader

Mastering Cross-Cultural Competency in Leadership: Strategies for Success

In an era where cultural boundaries blend, leadership transcends traditional task management, embodying a deep-seated appreciation for diversity. Harnessing cross-cultural competence is more than a...

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From Lab to Plate: Exploring the Promise and Challenges of Cultivated Meat

Embracing a New Era in the Meat IndustryImagine a world where meat is cultivated in labs, reducing environmental impact, redefining dietary choices, and revolutionising the very essence of producti...

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How to Prepare for Your Second Interview: 7 Tips

​Congratulations! You successfully made it through to the second round of interviews. Being invited for a second interview is a good sign. Only the top two to three candidates get given this opp...

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5 IT Career Pathways and How to Get Started

​Information Technology (IT) has been and continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic that brought to light a need for digital adoption, it’s no s...

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5 Aged Care Career Pathway Opportunities: All You Need to Know

​The aged care sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors that offer a variety of long-term career pathways. While, at times, working in the aged care sector may be demanding and challenging, t...

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Cybersecurity on a laptop

What Employees Need to Know About Cybersecurity: 10 Practical Tips

​In today’s hyper-connected world, where technology is a part of our daily lives, we can all benefit from applying cybersecurity best practices. During the COVID-19 pandemic, with the introducti...

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Man shaking hands with AI robot

Kick-start Your Career In AI: Revealing The Top 5 Skills

​Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a popular area of interest. What started as machine learning in forms of AI (such as SIRI and Alexa) have now moved up a level to machine intellige...

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10 jobs on the rise in 2023

​As we all settle into 2023, some of you may have begun this year with a clean slate. But with the changes in the employment landscape, from hybrid and remote work to a cloudy-looking economy, y...

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An exclusive interview with the founder of Mum Made Nursing and healthcare scrubs

​When we think of nursing scrubs, the first image to come to mind is a nurse wearing a plain light or dark blue top and pants. Well, Mum Made is here to shake things up and bring some colour and...

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The best of 2022: must-read articles

​After a short pause this year, we’ve brought you some fresh content. Keeping with the current news and industry trends, we provided you with topics around the aged care and healthcare industry....

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Austcorp Blog Images 1000 Px800 Px How To Become An Aged Care Worker

How to become an aged care worker: your essential guide

​So, you’re considering a career in aged care- that’s great! After all, working with and taking care of the elderly can be rewarding. But how do you get started with no prior experience, and wha...

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10 proven tips to help you manage mental health in the workplace.

​Mental health has long been a hot topic. Now, as we settle into life post the COVID-19 pandemic and face inflation and the daily stressors in life, mental health has come into the spotlight. Bu...

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