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5 things to remember when starting a new job

5 Things to Remember When Starting a New Job

It’s pretty easy to let the nerves take over when you step into your new role on your first day. But these 5 tips will help you establish yourself quickly and set the bar high. 

1) Introduce yourself.

No one wants the awkward moment when you’ve been sitting in the office for 2 weeks and the guy sitting next to you turns around and asks “Sorry, what’s your name?”. Establish yourself quickly as an approachable and friendly new member of the team.

2) Ask all the questions

I’m sure you’ve heard often enough “no question is too stupid”. But it’s true! Make sure you are asking the right questions; it shows you’re engaged and eager to ensure you’re on the right track. Everyone starting a new job is unsteady on their feet, embrace it, and take the time to talk to people.

3) Take everything that comes at you.

Let’s face it, you are trying to make a great impression. If you have to work an extra half an hour one evening, don’t complain, we all have to do it at some point. Remember, that every company is different, be prepared to embrace a new responsibility!

4) Talk to your recruiter

If you’ve found your role through a recruiter, their responsibility doesn’t end the day you start work. If you have any issues, or questions you don’t feel comfortable discussing with your new boss, just drop them an email. They’ll often have the experience to be able to discuss any problems you might be having.

5) Join in with the social events

Whilst Friday night drinks at the local pub might not sound like your ideal night; you’ll probably want to head home and put your feet up after your first week in a new job, try and get involved. Working relationships are often improved by socialising outside of the work environment and this can make your life easier, and more enjoyable, when you head back in on Monday morning (don’t get too excited though… one too many drinks and you could be waking up with beer fear…)

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