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Why is Interview Feedback So Important?

​You’ve walked out of an interview feeling on top of the world, you think you’ve really gone above and beyond expectations and you’re pretty confident you’ll have a job offer within the hour. Then you’re rejected. It’s a deflating experience. 

Employers (as well as recruiters) should know how important it is to give constructive criticism to candidates who really showed enthusiasm for the role. 

So, why should you take the time to ensure you’re letting the candidate you just rejected know why they weren’t quite right? Here’s why:

One day it will be you 

The line between employer and candidate won’t always be so defined. It’s almost a certainty that you’ll be on the other end of the rejection at some point. You’d like the feedback right? 

Think of the company image

There’s a huge difference between a candidate walking away unhappy because they weren’t selected for the job, and them feeling they’ve had a negative experience with your company. 


A positive experience will mean a candidate would be happy to encourage other people in the industry to get in touch. Word of mouth can be incredibly influential, so make sure people are having the right conversations about your company. 

Get your own feedback

Feedback is a two-way street. If you're giving feedback it's worthwhile speaking to the candidate and asking for the same; maybe you could learn something for your next interview to ensure you don't miss out on the perfect candidate.  

That candidate could be right for another role 

Just because they weren’t right this time, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a perfect fit in the future. Forward-thinking is the key.

It takes two minutes to drop an email or give a quick call to a candidate (or recruiter you’re working with) who might be left feeling stumped as to why they didn’t get the job. It will work in your favour! 

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