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7 Reasons why a working holiday in Australia could be the best decision for your career

The stereotype is that abandoning your career for a year is irresponsible. How will you afford it? What about the house you’re saving for? But you’re so close to being promoted. There will always be someone telling you it ‘s not a good idea. But, I’m telling you the opposite. I’m telling you how leaving London with 3 years experience in Marketing has been the best career move I could ever have made. 

Australia has a reputation for being “backpacker central”, and honestly, it is. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t heaps of opportunity for experienced career go-getters. Plenty of people head here straight after university and find themselves fighting for bar or retail work; but you’re already ahead of the game.

Waiting a few years and having some experience behind you puts you in a great position. Whether you find a job before you leave or head over to Australia looking to just 'find something out there', you can really add something to your career path.

Here are just 7 (and there are plenty more!) reasons why handing in your notice and heading to the other side of the world, could catapult your career: 

1) Financial Incentive

Everything you’ve heard about Australian wages is true. Ok, living in Sydney is expensive, but you can make it work. Your payslip will more than compensate the cost of living, especially if you're coming from a major city like London. 

2) The Career Opportunities 

There's heaps of opportunity. Honestly. Send your resume to a few recruitment agencies, or apply directly for roles, and you'll soon have a range of options.

3) See the World

Australia really is the other side of the world. Whilst you’re earning a good wage, you can travel to your hearts content, especially if you’re doing contract work. Work a month, head to Bali. Work another and then visit New Zealand. 

4) There are Plenty of People in the Same Boat

If you’re worried about heading over here on your own, there’s no need. There are Facebook groups, mutual friends & meet up points galore, bursting with people who are in the same position. You’ll soon build up a social circle. 

5) Short or Long Term? 

You don’t have to commit the rest of your life. You can have a year visa (automatically issued for people under 35 years from most European countries) and enjoy a year abroad. Whilst there is still plenty of opportunity, if you do well, to find a route into a more long term engagement. 

6) Improve Your CV

In today’s employment world you always need to stand out in a crowd. Having a year or even less, experience in another country will help you do that, and give you something extra to talk about in your next interview.

7) Super (Compulsory Pension)

Australia operates a compulsory pension scheme. Any financial package you agree upon will be base salary + superannuation. This is 10% of your salary that your employer automatically adds to your fund. The best part? You get to take this with you if you head back home, or if you decide to stay, you’ve got a great contribution to your pension. 

If you're under 35 you automatically qualify for an Australian Working Holiday Visa; allowing you a year to work and travel your way around Australia. What's to think about?