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10 Things that make AUSTCORP EXECUTIVE stand out

​In our latest employee survey 100% of our employees said they were as happy, or happier than 2016, which in turn filters down to the happiness of our clients and candidates. 

So, what makes us different? 

1) We’re in our 8th year of growth

There’s a reason we’re growing year-on-year. Our consultants, clients & candidates are happy with our executive search & recruitment services.   

2) We operate in a number of industries

With consultants working in Industrial & Manufacturing, Medical Devices, FM & CRE, Engineering & Construction,  Automation, IT & Technology and Marketing we can cover most of your recruitment needs all in one place. Our services include permanent, contract and executive search.

3) We always provide succinct shortlists – no more bombardment of CVs

We pride ourselves on providing accurate shortlists. You will not receive a candidate that hasn’t been properly vetted and interviewed by us first. 

4) We are selective about what roles we work on  

We know our networks, and we know our markets. If we think we don’t have the resources to fill your role, we will tell you so. We don’t waste your time. 

5) Extensive individual recruitment experience

Consultants have extensive experience within their market. We have over 151 years of tenure across 32 consultants and they have over 250 years of recruitment experience between them.

6) Candidates are a success when they’re placed

93% of the candidates we’ve placed are still employed with the same client after one year and 87% are still there after two years. 

7) We find the best in the market, not just the best on the market

74% of the candidates we place are headhunted or referrals from the talent pools we build and manage.

8) Quality over  Quantity – we have no short term KPIs

There are no targets for CVs sent, calls made, interview arranges or anything that doesn’t put our client first. We focus on quality of service not quantity of self-serving activities.

9) We have strong international experience

Our offices are a diverse pool of individuals from across the world; Australia, England, South Africa, France, The Netherlands, New Zealand. On top of this, many of our consultants have lived and worked in other parts of the world. In conclusion, we have a good knowledge of various international markets. 

10) We're Constantly Expanding 

We're in a position to always be hiring exceptional consultants to join our team. This means we have the best people in our offices.