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7 Ways job variety will make you more successful

​Gone are the days where we stay in a company for the rest of our lives. The average person changes jobs 10-15 times during their career but we still worry that chopping and changing our way through positions can reflect negatively on our work ethic and commitment. 

In fact, there are numerous benefits to having a diverse range of roles on your resume:

1) You’re Constantly Learning 

No two companies are the same. There isn’t always the ‘right’ way to do something. You’ll be able to develop your skills by gathering as much information about your industry as possible. 

2) Your Confidence will Grow

Being placed into a brand new environment is daunting. You’ll be forced to communicate with a variety of people, and build working relationships effectively. You’ll become more flexible and open minded, all of which are important traits.

3) You’re Challenging Yourself 

No one can say that you’re lazy. You’re keeping yourself on your toes by introducing new environments and challenges; more experience to add to your resume!

4) You’ll Build Your Reputation

Everyone will soon know your name. Especially if you’re working with recruitment agencies, they’ll remember you and you’ll be at the top of their list when an amazing role comes along. Your peers will know who you are before you even step foot in the office. 

5) You’ll Broaden your own Network

Not only will your own reputation grow, you’ll have the chance to work with a number of professionals in your industry, and you don’t know how much that will help you further down the line. 

6) You’ll Learn Your Passion

We aren’t all lucky enough to know exactly what we want to do from the offset. Getting a feel for different roles will help you establish where you really want to be. 

7) You won’t fall into a rut

The daily routine can often me a monotonous struggle. You won’t be tempted to just “settle into it”; keeping everything exciting! 

If you’re being looked over for a position because of your fluid employment history, it’s probably a good thing. Drive your own career forward and steer clear of organisations that look to curb your flow.