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4 Reasons to connect with recruiters, even if you're not looking

​Just because you aren’t currently looking for a new role, doesn’t mean you should decline every recruiter who reaches out to you online.  We’re often tempted to reject unknown emails or invitations to connect but have you thought about how this could benefit you in the future?

Some things to consider when the next consultant reaches out: 

1) You’re preparing for the future

You don’t know when your situation is going to change. Having an extensive network of potential helpers could be a lifeline if you’re suddenly without a job, or looking to relocate.

2) You won’t always be a candidate 

Most employers don’t have the time to carry out exhaustive recruitment drives as well as handling their own job load. Have you considered that this connection could actually be someone who will help your recruitment efforts? 

3) Find Exclusive Roles 

Most recruiters will have exclusive roles; i.e. they’re the only one advertising for that position. Expand your opportunities; can you really say your head could never be turned by an exciting new role?

4) Help your friends out 

Whilst you may not be interested in a new role any time soon, you might have a friend who is. Referring a friend to a job is often incentivised in many agencies, so you could see yourself benefiting financially. 

5) We don't just recruit

Ok, so 90% of the time, we probably want to discuss your job situation, but recently we've been organising & compiling salary surveys to distribute to our followers and we're looking to expand our efforts in other ways. You could be involved.

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