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The Five Most Wanted Niche Tech Skills

​Employers who want to find and get the top talent in the IT industry know just how steep the competition is to find skilled people in the different IT sectors. Since we're a recruitment agency, we're well aware of the top candidate skills you have to possess to stand out. We'll give you the top skills you should excel at to make a good impression and land your dream job. 

1. Mobile App Development 

There are roughly 2.5 billion people who use smartphones on a daily basis around the world. Apps and mobile shopping numbers continue to rise each year, and almost every business recognises the benefits of going mobile. They're hyper-focused on mobile app development, and this falls squarely into the IT sector. You should be fluent in UX/UI design, have practical experience, and you should be fluent in several programming languages. 

2. AI and Applied Machine Learning 

Recently, AI and applied machine learning have made huge strides all over the business world, and the demand for skilled IT technicians to continue improving it and make it work seamlessly has jumped. Employers are now looking for people who can program and update chatbots as needed, and those who have practical skills with AI software.

3. Cross-Team Communication and Functionality

Soft skills are extremely important in the IT field, and some people mistakenly overlook them. Excellent communication skills are essential, and cross-team functionality is another good skill to be well-versed in. You have to be able to work in more agile environments, and this means that while you may primarily be a mobile app developer, you should have a good understanding of programming and design. 

4. Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity is a huge skill to be fluent in, especially with today's digital world. Every staff member should take cybersecurity seriously, but it largely falls to IT professionals to secure a business's systems. You want experience in building and modifying security programs and in-depth knowledge of the newest trends. 

5. UX/UI Design 

UI design deals directly with the user interface while UX design deals with the user experience. Both are essential to a business whether it's to make the staff's lives easier or improve the customer experience. Experience in designing user-friendly interfaces and improving the transaction speed are excellent qualities to keep on eye out for. 

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