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An exclusive interview with the founder of Mum Made Nursing and healthcare scrubs

When we think of nursing scrubs, the first image to come to mind is a nurse wearing a plain light or dark blue top and pants. Well, Mum Made is here to shake things up and bring some colour and life to the otherwise plain nursing wear – just in time for Christmas!

To learn more about Mum Made and the inspiration behind this small business.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am 59 years old, a mother of three kids all grown up, and I have been a social worker for the department of community and justice for 15 years. I took leave for personal reasons recently and have always loved sewing and decided to try and make it into a small business to balance my family and doing what I love. I have two wonderful dogs who like to sit and watch me work. We have a property down on the southern tablelands. That is where I get a lot of my inspiration and creativity. I make quilts for the Aussie heroes, which are each personalised with a theme and also go to veterans in the community suffering from PTSD or family members of those who have served.


How did you start making and designing nursing scrubs?

Initially, I started making scrubs during covid when I saw an advert for people to help make scrubs for the frontline workers. I also made masks to help people who couldn’t get any during the shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic. My son was one of those on the front line as a registered nurse. I also donated some to the hospitals to support them during this time. Then since COVID, I just carried on designing them and wanted to continue to share them with the healthcare community. Sewing is something I am passionate about, and love getting other people involved, whether it be my family or friends and sharing how good it is to make something from scratch.  


What does a working day look like for you?

An important cup of coffee or three and walking the dogs helps get the creative juices flowing. When I get in my sewing room, it is about prioritising what I have chosen to work on during the day. But I also fit my work around caring for my family. Each day is different. Some days I can sit for ten hours by the sewing machine - other days, I don’t do any. My husband, who is sick, also gets involved and helps develop products with me and create new designs.


How can healthcare workers buy them?

Healthcare workers can buy them at local markets such as:

  • Airing of the Quilts Braidwood

  • Braidwood markets

  • A stall at Goulburn Hospital

  • There is also a Facebook – don’t forget to follow!


There is also an email address where you can reach me to enquire about scrubs or other mum-made items at

We have sizes in a wide range than you can get in the shops, from XXS – X6L. If you have a specific theme that you would like, I can also do custom orders.

Everything is mum made and is individual and a one-off design. No one else will have one the same.


Tell us one thing nobody knows about you.

I, unfortunately, didn’t feel my family was finished and became a foster carer. During that time, I was affected by seeing these children in different states being removed from their family homes, and I wanted to help change the system or at least be a part of the change I wanted to see. That is why I became a social worker.


Buy mum made scrubs today

If you’re interested in purchasing Mum Made scrubs to add to your wardrobe,