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Kick-start Your Career In AI: Revealing The Top 5 Skills

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a popular area of interest. What started as machine learning in forms of AI (such as SIRI and Alexa) have now moved up a level to machine intelligence. From ChatGPT taking over the news to seeing robots serve in restaurants, we’re beginning to see the new stage of AI more and more in our daily lives. 

Gartner's study, back in 2017,  reported that “AI will eliminate 1.8M jobs but create 2.3M by 2020.” So, as we see the rise of AI, it's no surprise that many of you may be considering a career within this field. 

If you’re nodding your head and contemplating career options in this emerging field, read on to learn about the top five skills you need to kick-start your career in AI. 


What is AI? 

Simply put, AI involves using computers to carry out tasks that normally humans would. Thus it requires developing intelligent software and machines based on how the human mind thinks, learns, and solves problems. 

Ai is currently in demand in the following industries (to name a few): 

  • Medical technology 

  • Robotics

  • Gaming 

  • Search engines  

  • IT and software development 


In-demand skills for a career in AI

To answer your question about – what skills I need for a career in AI, we’ve listed the top five in-demand AI skills below. 


1.      Programming

Skilled coders who understand programming languages such as Python, C++, and java are highly sought after for working with machine learning algorithms. 

Companies hiring for such roles will be looking for those with an education in mathematics or computer science. 


2.      Data Science

Data plays a fundamental role in how AI thinks and learns. Hence, it’s no surprise that data scientists are one of the most desired professionals within the field. The skills to capture, manipulate and analyse data help to gain useful insights and grow AI capabilities. 

Just like programmers, a degree in computer sciences is highly desirable - along with strong communication and analytical skills. 


3.      Robotic science

Robotic science already exists in the scientific and healthcare industries. For instance, doctors carry out some medical procedures using robotic surgery

As a robotics scientist, your role is to build devices and robots capable of carrying out tasks from human commands. Hence, you’ll need to be good at manipulating computer programs, mathematics, and collaborating with others. A degree in a robotic engineering-related field is a must. 


4.      Mathematics and problem-solving

The good old mathematics is as essential as ever. The ability to spot patterns and use them to make predictions is at the heart of AI. So, for those of you who eat, sleep, and breathe mathematics, a career in AI is right up your alley. 


5.      Communication

No matter the industry, clear, accurate communication is essential. In the case of working in AI, you will need your communication skills to precisely explain your ideas and findings so that they are clear enough for the average person to understand. 


Start your career in Ai today.

If you’re ready to step into the world of AI and put your skills to practice, contact us today. We’ll work with you to find you a cutting-edge career in this ever-growing industry.