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AustCorp Aged Care: Laura's experience as a FIFO Nurse in Australia

At AustCorp Aged Care, we specialise in connecting talented professionals with rewarding opportunities across the sector. Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing Laura, one of our contract nurses. Originally from Ireland, Laura has been an AustCorp aged care FIFO nurse for the past six months. She has worked in various locations, from bustling cities to remote outback communities, providing a unique perspective on the life of a contract and FIFO nurse across Australia. Laura has shared her thoughts and feedback with facilities and senior management, providing valuable insights into the benefits and challenges of contract nursing.

Please tell us who you are.

"Laura, I am originally from Ireland, but now live in Sydney. I have been working as a nurse for five years now, 4 in Ireland and the last 12 months in Australia, with a mixture of Aged Care and Hospitals throughout that time!"

Why do you pick contracting over permanent work?

"The flexibility and freedom it gives me allow me to travel to some unique and beautiful landscapes and see all corners of Australia while still working and earning money."

What do you look for when picking a contract?

"Location firstly, I want to explore on my days off, so that's important to me.

Accommodation: I like my space and feel uncomfortable sharing it with people I don't know. I know it's not always possible, but it's a big thing for me.

Lastly is roster – I wanted to work at least 4/5 shifts a week to make my time away worth it and financially beneficial."

What don't you enjoy about working contracts?

"Missing events, the nature of the work means I must miss some events and parties with friends! Also, the unknown, sometimes you don't click with people, and that's life, but sometimes it can make for a difficult contract!"

How do you balance work commitments with self-care and personal time, especially during demanding contracts?

"Self-care is crucial, even amidst the demanding nature of nursing contracts. I carve out time for activities like yoga and meditation to rejuvenate my spirit. Additionally, exploring the serene landscapes of Australia during my downtime serves as a therapeutic escape, reinvigorating me for the challenges ahead."

What strategies do you employ to adapt quickly to new environments and healthcare settings when starting a new contract?

"Flexibility is key when transitioning to new contracts. I try to observe and absorb the unique dynamics of each facility swiftly. Engaging with colleagues, actively listening, and seeking guidance help me integrate seamlessly into the team, ensuring optimal patient care from the onset of the contract."

Could you share a valuable lesson or insight you've gained from your diverse nursing experiences that have shaped your professional approach?

"One invaluable lesson I've learned is the significance of empathy in nursing. Each patient has a unique story and journey, and by truly listening and empathising, I can provide holistic and personalised care, ensuring their physical well-being and emotional and mental comfort. This lesson resonates deeply with me in every contract I undertake."

What's some general feedback you have for facilities?

"Going the extra mile to welcome us goes a long way; a buddy shift or two to help us get a full orientation along with the ins and outs of the facility and standout residents. I am keen to give you a great first impression, but I equally want a great first impression of an organised, well-run and most importantly, safe facility!"

Lastly, why Austcorp Healthcare?

"Seb is available whenever I need him, evenings, weekends and bank holidays! He is proactive when I am coming to the end of my contract about potential extensions or new places. He also listens to my concerns, voices anything back to management that I'm unsettled about, and communicates back to me quickly."

AustCorp Aged Care

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