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22 Years of Executive Search & Recruitment

At AustCorp Executive we do not profess to know it all but we do pride ourselves on our focus of continuous improvement and the passion to which we approach our profession. We recognise and appreciate the significant responsibility that comes with representing our clients in the marketplace

Our business operates under 5 divisions. Within these divisions, we recruit for a wide selection of industries and occupations. 

Our Divisions Wheel outlines our core markets and the services we offer to those market. Our clients use our services for a range of role types and levels from the C-Suite to the factory floor. Our relationships have been built through our success in finding the right people for them again and again. AustCorp's preferred client list grows through employing professional consultants that share our values and add to our culture.


Overview - Why AustCorp

Below are some reasons why over 2000 clients have trusted us with key hires and why we have an 89% customer retention rate:

Established since 1996 and remain privately owned. This means we do not have external investors and shareholders to satisfy so we can focus purely on meeting and exceeding client and expectations.

In our last survey 93% of people placed are still employed after 12 months and 87% after 2 years. We made over 433 placements during this survey period.

We track talent management metrics post hire such as time to productivity, tenure, satisfaction of hiring manager at probation, 6 and 12 months and performance vs. expectations at 12 months. We can track these metrics on our CRM and provide periodic reports.

We have a suite of non-fiscal expectations for our consultants which are heavily based on client satisfaction and candidate experience, which we quantify through metrics such as net promoter scores. These scores make up part of our consultants review process.

Expert Consultants – our hiring model has been to recruit proven consultants with proven experience in their particular markets.

We offer an extensive Learning and Development program which involved around 40 hours per year of professional development both in terms of the industries they recruit for and on recruitment/talent management as a business function.

Staff Attrition rate of 11%. The average tenure of our current consulting team staff is 3.6 years. The average tenure of our management team is 7.8 years – this gives us excellent consistency both from a culture and leadership perspective and externally with our clients.


Our Exective Search Assignment Process

The below diagram identifies how we conduct our executive search services. If you would like to register a job vacancy with us, one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss this further as soon as possible.

Our Recruitment & Search Process

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