​Boasting over a decade of profound experience, Seyhan embodies the quintessence of construction recruitment expertise, serving as the driving force behind AustCorp's formidable construction team. As Divisional Manager, Seyhan is distinguished by his dedication to cultivating excellence within his unit, ensuring that the highest standards mark each recruitment endeavour.

Under Seyhan's strategic leadership, his team, renowned for their industry-specific acumen, consistently delivers a recruitment service that surpasses expectations. His commitment to fostering a collaborative ethos is palpable, establishing an environment where mentorship and professional development are par for the course. This investment in team growth guarantees that AustCorp's reputation as a stalwart partner in recruiting construction talent is steadfast and dynamic.

Seyhan's approach to relationship-building is both strategic and personal; he recognises the nuanced demands of his clients and candidates, tailoring bespoke solutions that yield tangible successes. A vigilant observer of the construction landscape, Seyhan ensures his practice is agile and informed, adeptly adapting to the sector's continuous evolution.

His meticulous attention to the minutiae of market movements and dedication to progressive recruitment practices enable him to navigate the industry's complexities with graceful efficacy. With Seyhan as your partner, you are assured of a recruitment experience that is not only exceptional but lays the foundation for sustainable growth and project triumphs. AustCorp Construction, with Seyhan at the helm of the Construction and Engineering Division, is your assurance of securing premier talent that elevates your construction endeavours to new heights.