Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

A New Direction for Career Transition.

Unprecedented change demands new thinking

Outdated Outplacement practices are not enough to provide the clarity that people need to transition their careers successfully.

Our innovative Career Transition programs empower and strengthen people from the inside out. We help them to capitalise on the opportunity to pause their career and take advantage of the rare potential for personal learning, renewal and growth. This provides clarity and confidence to move through change rapidly and to navigate their next role as well as their future careers. 

The AustCorp Difference 

Accelerated outcomes

Traditional Outplacement programs operate upon a principle of drip-feeding workshops and coaching across a period of months. Our Career Transition programs are designed to comprehensively guide and equip individuals with the tools and support they require to maximise their career and personal potential. 

Strengths Approach  

Our programs focus on what’s right with the individual, not what’s wrong. We provide positive self-awareness by helping shine a light on your natural and unique strengths. We utilise a globally recognised online survey to identify signature talents and our expert coaches will provide guidance on how to leverage them for maximum benefit. 

Tailored to the individual

Individuals are often disconnected from their potential – their natural strengths, interests and motivators. By helping them uncover their unique differentiators, individuals are better equipped to make career decisions aligned to their personal drivers, resulting in enhanced job satisfaction and engagement. 

Positive wellbeing 

Our coaching incorporates an in-depth understanding of total, holistic well-being. We focus on more than just your career circumstances with the knowledge that it is just one component of a happy and healthy life. 


Our compassionate coaches are seasoned in guiding people through the different stages and emotions of change. With demonstrated credibility and a sense of empathy, we understand the many and varied challenges associated with career transition and provide a steady hand, giving you the confidence to move forward with purpose.

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