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Adele Ephron


The Policy will be reviewed in accordance with the EEO Management System Review Procedure

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Purpose of Policy
  • AustCorp Executive is guided in all its activities by a commitment to the principles of equal employment opportunity and social justice, high ethical standards including accuracy, honesty, cooperation, respect, tolerance and acceptance of obligations as well as rights.

  • AustCorp aims to create a positive, equitable environment in which all staff and contractors are treated fairly. It is committed to providing an environment where staff can work effectively without fear of discrimination or harassment. It seeks to celebrate the diversity of our organisation.

Application & Scope
  • This policy applies to all staff of AustCorp located within Australia and to all staff of AustCorp employed within Australia undertaking activities overseas.

 Equal Employment Opportunity

AustCorp Executive undertakes to promote equal employment opportunity for staff in all aspects of AustCorp’s activities. Equal employment opportunity results when the person best qualified is successful without discrimination through processes which are open, transparent, competitive and based on merit. AustCorp has a longstanding commitment to the elimination of unlawful direct and indirect discrimination and harassment on the basis of:

    • race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin, ethno-religious background;

    • sex;

    • marital status;

    • pregnancy or potential pregnancy;

    • disability, (including physical, intellectual or other disability and illnesses such as HIV/AIDS) whether real or imputed, past, present or future disabilities;

    • age;

    • homosexuality;

    • transgender status; or

    • carers' responsibilities.

This policy relates to all aspects of employment, including recruitment and selection, promotion, job classification, staff development, supervision and interpersonal relationships.

AustCorp is committed to policies and programs ensuring that persons with equivalent skills and qualifications have an equal chance of obtaining a position and of advancing within AustCorp.

Staff members have the right to work and access services in an environment that is safe, equitable, free from discrimination and harassment, and in which everyone is respected and treated fairly. Staff also have a responsibility to treat other staff and contractors fairly, with respect and without discrimination or harassment.

This policy complies with Commonwealth and NSW anti-discrimination legislation.

Roles & Responsibilities

Heads of Units, managers and supervisors are required to implement equal opportunity in the workplace on a day-to-day basis. In practice, this includes but is not limited to:

    • taking active steps to prevent and eliminate discrimination and harassment;

    • dealing fairly and equitably with complaints or grievances from staff;

    • managing staff fairly, including consulting staff about decisions affecting them;

    • providing all staff with equitable access to development opportunities (i.e. training, study leave) to achieve career goals;

    • conducting recruitment and selection processes fairly and in accordance with correct procedures; and by

    • assisting members of equal employment opportunity (EEO) target groups.