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7 Ways to welcome a new team member

​We’ve all been there. Stepping into a new office on a Monday morning, scanning the desks for a small sign of welcome, eyeing up your new potential best ‘work friend’. It’s pretty daunting, but it’s not just up to the newbie to make a good first impression. Team members should be offering a warm welcome when it comes to initiating new people around the place.

Here are 7 small gestures that require little effort but mean a lot:

1) Let everyone know.

There’s nothing worse than someone not knowing you exist. Update the website, send out an email, announce on your social media; make sure everyone is aware of the new employee and their role.

2) Team building.

Nothing says ‘welcome’ to the team like a Friday afternoon drink, or a round of bowling.

3) Intros & tour.

Offer a guided tour and an opportunity to meet other employees face-to-face. It’s great to put a face to a name, and know where the kettle is when it’s your turn for a coffee run.

4) Host a meeting.

Getting the whole team together to run through what’s going on at the moment is a great way to ensure the latest recruit can hit the ground running.

5) Outline expectations and targets.

What will be expected in the next week/6 months/ year? Knowing targets is the best way to inspire motivation and enthusiasm.

6) Welcome present!

You will have seen photos of big companies like Uber provide elaborate (and not to mention expensive) welcome packs all over your Linkedin newsfeed. But you don’t need to provide a new Macbook and Iphone to help an employee settle in, it might be a cliché but it really is the thought that counts. Try a personalised mug or a new pack of highlighters, stationary and coffee – what more could you want?

7) Introduce a Mentor

More often than not this will be their direct manager. It’s integral to a successful working environment that an employee feels supported; give the mentor a heads up about what’s expected from them too.

AustCorp has it's own "welcome to the team" support plan in place, including one-on-one team catch-ups, management meeting, and company presentation regarding our core values. Not to mention the very important Friday night drinks. If you're interested in working with us, get in touch