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How to be an Effective Leader

Some people are born leaders; others, not so much. But taking into account the recent presidential election, we can assume that most people can learn to become one.

Being an effective leader can be the make or break to that promotion you’re after, so here are just 5 things to think about:

1) You Aren’t Perfect

It’s often the case that those in power get a little swept away. Remember that you will mistakes, but you can learn from them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those below you – everyone has different skills.

2) Confidence is Key

Sometimes “fake it ‘til you make it” is perfectly reminiscent of how we feel in a position of power. You’re not always going to know the right answer, but it’s important you are decisive whilst able to take advice and make an informed decision.

3) Be Approachable

Where good leaders fail to become great leaders is there lack of openness. People appreciate having a figure with whom they can confide, ask for advice and act as a mentor. You will see more from your team when they value you for more than simply being their superior. 

4) Nurture Don’t Criticise

Don’t let emotions get the better of you. A mistake might make you angry, but lashing out is never productive. Address why your colleague made a mistake, don’t immediately assume it was because they weren’t pulling their weight. You will ignite resentment if you make a habit of ridiculing team members in front of the office.

5) Appreciate Success

It’s easy to forget the reliably hard-working team member who doesn’t make a fuss. These people are the foundation of any team, but they can be easy to forget. Reward people. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking they won’t find something better – they will. Whether it’s a pay-rise, an incentive or a lunch trip, small gestures of appreciation go along way in gaining respect as a leader.

Our leadership team at AustCorp has an average tenure of 13 years, so there is no doubt they have mastered the skills needed to succeed in the competitive industry of recruitment. You can find out more about our leadership team here.