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I’m a millennial – Will I be taken seriously?

​Getting yourself heard in a team of people with years more experience and strong opinions can be a mission.  But let ‘s face it – us 20-somethings have a lot to say.

We’re fresh out of university (kind of) and our heads are full of ideas ready to explore. However, we are constantly battling the completely unprecedented assumption we are lazy and ‘assume the world owes us something’. When in fact, we are the generation that has faced crippling university debt in order to secure an average job, to only dream of getting on the housing ladder. But who’s complaining? Definitely not us.

Millennials around the world get a bad rep. But why? We are tech-savvy, open-minded and passionate. Social Media is run by us. So millennials, here are some things to remember to ensure you’re given the respect you deserve!

1) Be confident

You know what you’re talking about! It’s easy to walk into a role thinking “I’m only 21” no one cares what I think. But you’re wrong. Social Chain is one of the  leading social agencies in 2017, its staff is made up of drop-out millennials who have scoped the path for the rest of us.  It’s a cliché but age really is just a number.

2) Call up

We as a collective would happily bypass picking up the phone for a quick chat with ANY other form of communication. Text? Email? Facebook Message? Sure. For some reason a telephone call seems scarier than finding out your university results but sometimes you just need to bite the bullet. It might seem old fashioned, but when you need to get something done quickly, it’s the best way. Plus, we don’t want to feed the assumption we’re addicted to our smart phones… 

3) Try different things

Gone is the opinion that moving between jobs shows unreliability and lack of commitment. In 2017 the average person moves jobs, or even careers regularly. Employers respect a varied employment history, and a broad knowledge of not just industry, but the world (so don't worry about that 6 months you took to travel South-East Asia!)

Oh and one more thing, don’t add your boss on social media. It’s a recipe for disaster.