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5 Work Perks That Go Beyond The Norm

​Gone are the days where employees are happy to simply come into work and go home.  

The expectation is there will be other incentives that help ease the work/life balance, create team building opportunities, and generally make the job more enjoyable. But we're not even just talking about a free bottle of wine on a Friday anymore, these companies are offering work perks that go one step further... 

“Puppy Leave”

Earlier in 2017 Brewdog, the craft beer company announced that employees could be granted a week’s leave in order to help “settle in” their new canine baby. Arguably, a new puppy is as much a full time job as becoming a new parent. Not sure what a first time mum would have to say about that…

FRIDAY OFF – (only every other week though…)

Panda Fridays are an incentive at WWF that allows workers to take every other Friday off! Talk about TGIF. A 3 day weekend is what most of us dream about.

“Baby Cash”

Starting a new family can be expensive. Some employers like Facebook offer cash to parents who are just starting out, so prams, cots, and nappies aren’t too much of a financial drain.

Volunteer Days

Giving back takes on a whole new meaning for those companies who offer paid leave for employees to go and volunteer.

The End of the Free Intern

Facebook offers healthcare benefits for interns AND offers to pay for their accommodation.  If all companies were so generous, interns would be more diverse than the typical well-off person who can afford such a lifestyle choice.

In-House Meditation Classes

Employers are starting to realise that a healthy mind & body lead to better results in the workplace. Lots of companies, including AustCorp, are introducing meditation as a way of helping staff relax.

Are you offering incentives to improve employee retention and entice the top talent into your company?