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How do you get stimulation at work?

​I love my job. I love the fact that I work with an awesome group of people. I love the fact that we (try our best to) make a difference in people’s lives. I love that most of our clients see us as a strategic partner rather than just a delivery service. I love taking advantage of new opportunities that our fast-moving markets can throw up. I even love picking myself up from the inevitable lows, knowing that the next high is only just around the corner.

It isn’t hard to find positive stimulation if you look for it, no matter what your role and no matter where you work. Recruitment can be one of the most unforgiving of environments, but you can find silver linings in almost every situation.

For me, stimulation is a sense that I am moving forward with something.

Much of my stimulation at work actually comes from the less than perfect situations. If I have just had a difficult client call, I take a minute to think about how I might handle it better next time. If a candidate turns down an offer, it gives us an opportunity to dig into their psyche and see what makes them tick. If stress levels get a little too high because of some external stimulus, it is the perfect excuse for some rest, reflection and renewal after work.

If you seek to build on any given situation, there is unlimited potential for personal and professional fulfillment. Or, of course, you can just accept things for what they are and just “get on with your job.” Stimulation won’t come to those who are out there looking for it.

Recruiters have the privileged position of speaking to some of the most successful people in their industries. The truly top performers all have something in common: they look outside of themselves for their growth. If you sit at your desk every day and “do your job” you won’t develop anywhere near as much as someone who takes on extra responsibilities, cooperates with diverse teams and pushes the limits of what they understand. They might not be paid any more for doing this, but their work will be infinitely more rewarding, and the experiences will be worth their weight in gold. Happiness can be found in progress. 

It should also be noted that stimulation is contagious. If you sit next to a hard-charging individual who is forever going the extra mile, their energy will be infectious. Before you know it, you will want to have a little of what they have. You will try to find your “why” at work, and it is in the pursuit of this that you will experience levels of enjoyment that you never felt possible.

Much has been written about the pursuit of our “why.” For me, that is why I surround myself with so many fantastic people – we embark on the quest together, every day.

Stimulation can lie behind every decision.

We simply need to open our eyes to the possibilities. Keeping your head down at your computer won’t help you with that. Engaging and integrating with your team, above and beyond your job description, is, on the other hand, a great first step.