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Following Our Moral Compass

Darkness into Light May 6th 

Darkness into Light is vital for our fundraising, for raising awareness and for bringing people together as we do everything we can to bring about a suicide-free world” Pieta House.

AustCorp are proud to be a major sponsor of the “Darkness Into Light” event on 6th May. An organization dedicated to raising awareness about the world of suicide and self harm; an incredibly important and serious issue. 

The event is being organized by one of our own consultants, Colleen. After getting involved with the charity earlier this year as a personal venture that remains close to her heart: 

“I’ve personally experienced the traumatic effect depression, self harm and suicide can have, on not only the individual but the people that care for them. It has been the driving force for my commitment to the Darkness into Light cause. There is still such a strong stigma attached to mental illness, especially when it comes to men. Terms like “man up” are still so prevalent when someone asks for help it means people are still struggling to cope on their own rather than accepting help.”

Getting involved in charity and volunteering opportunities is something that remains at the centre of AustCorp’s values; we believe that we have a corporate responsibility to help where we can. It’s also a great opportunity for our team to get out together and do some team building! 

To find out more about Darkness into Light and how you can register to join us and 1000s of othersyou can visit the website

Hopefully we’ll see you next Saturday morning as we don our yellow tees, grab a cup of coffee and get our walk on. 

The event was a massive success. An incredible morning for an incredible cause. See our event video here.