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Stressed at Work? 3 Things You Should Be Telling Yourself.

​Sometimes stress creeps up on us at work; one day we suddenly break down in tears when someone cracks an innocent joke, whilst other times we battle to find the motivation to drag ourselves out of bed and face the day ahead; a day you know is filled with deadlines, confrontation and sub-par colleagues. More often than not there can be a few small things to tell yourself in order to reduce your stress at work.  

1) “It’s Just a Job”

Your career is important. For some people, it’s the most important aspect of their lives. However, when everything is getting on top of you, remember, it is actually just a job. Stress can have a huge impact on your life, surely that is the important thing to consider?  

2) Stress is a Natural Part of Life

Sailing through life without a care in the world is everyone’s dream. Reality isn’t so pleasant. There are always going to be issues that stress you out, but we have enough of these in our personal lives. Stress at work is natural too, just remember not to be too hard on yourself. People often beat themselves up about the way stress affects them, which should never be the case. 

3) There is Always Something You Can Do

If the stress is becoming too much, there is always something you can do. Speak to a manager about workload, or that deadline. Take a break and enjoy some personal time. Write everything down that’s stressing you out, and tackle each issue one by one.  Discuss with a friend or stranger about what’s really bothering. Accept the help, and you’ll find the daily routine becoming easier. 

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