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Why Haven’t I Been Promoted?

​A promotion isn’t always a given. If you’ve been patiently waiting for your manager to invite you into their office and reveal the good news for a while now, maybe you’re doing something wrong. Make some small changes, get yourself noticed and embrace these few small tips and you could be sitting in that managerial chair in no time.

Use Your Outside Voice

Ok, not quite literally, but make waves in the office. Make sure the boss knows you’re thinking about progressing and that your enthusiasm shines through. Talk about it; what you think is an obvious decision might not be the case.

Length of Service Doesn’t Equal Automatic Rights

The kid that came in 6 months ago is already taking steps ahead of you. It’s easy to be bitter but if they’re putting in more effort than you, it’s fair that they are duly rewarded. Just because you’ve been there 2 years longer is not an entitlement, but you do have experience on your side!

Show What it Takes

It’s often the case that the boss will want to see that you can handle more responsibility, whether this is formally in your job description or not. Showing that you're willing and competent will help insttill faith in your ability further down the line.

Push Those Boundaries

Step out of your comfort zone, show initiative and come up with ideas. Impress your team! Even if your ideas aren't taken on board, the fact that you're getting involved demonstrates a keenness for the job.

Accept Constructive Criticism

It can be one of the hardest things to do; admitting you might be wrong, and that things need to change. Nobody is perfect though; try not to take it too personal. Embrace it, learn from your mistakes and make a positive move forward.

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