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Why Your Company Should Offer Work Experience Opportunities

​With the staggering demand for relevant experience rather than academic education only building, there’s an obvious call for internships and work experience positions. Offering work experience sounds like a chore, but what’s in it for a business owner? (And no, it’s not just someone to bring you coffee).

There’s a bad rep surrounding interns, and you think allowing an 18-year-old student into your office could end in catastrophe. Many people do. But in reality, you’ll struggle to find someone in the job market who isn’t where they are today because someone offered them the opportunity to take the first step in the career ladder. They couldn’t all have been that bad. 

Offering work experience comes with a lot of responsibility, but it also gives you an opportunity for considerable positive growth, in more ways than one. 

Take a look at why your company should offer work experience opportunities: 

1) Fresh Meat

A fresh face full of new ideas. Experience isn’t always the most important thing to drive change. Having someone come in with a new perspective come make a world of difference. 

2) Think of the brand

You always need to be one step ahead of your competitors. Taking interns and demonstrating your willingness to give back is a great way to show that your company stands out from the crowd.

3) Forward thinking

You could be staring at the new shining star of your team. Look to the future and this 18 year old is hot property in the job market. Who do you think their first employment choice will be once they’ve already had an amazing experience with your company? 

4) Eases Your Team’s Workload

An extra pair of hands never goes amiss. Ok so they won’t be any to do anything too technical but I’m sure they can offer something to the team that will reduce their daily workload.

5) Giving Back 

Ultimately offering a young person work experience allows them to begin their career journey. There are plenty of reasons why you, the business owner should consider it, but really, your core reason should be wanting to help out a young'un who is just starting out. 

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