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7 Tips to Tackle the Monday Blues

​7 Tips to Tackle the Monday Blues

It’s Monday, again. Another 5 day week stretches out before you and once again, there’s no milk left in the fridge for your morning coffee. It might sound silly, but Monday Blues are genuinely a thing many people struggle with. You’ve just had a great weekend that’s left your bank balance much to be desired but let’s forget about that. It’s a brand new week, filled with opportunity! How to tackle the Monday blues…

1) A Tasty Lunch 

Nothing says “YES IT’S MONDAY” like a tradition of buying something super tasty for lunch. I don’t know about you, but looking forward to food helps me get through most things.

2) Lay out your targets for the week, before the week even starts

Organise yourself before Monday hits. Spend 10 minutes on Friday writing a to-do list for the next week. Knowing exactly what needs to do be done will help you not to irrationally overthink about the week ahead. 

3) Make some non-work plans

Work isn’t everything; whether it’s a candle lit bath when you get home, or meeting a friend for dinner. Give yourself something to look forward to. 

4) Figure out why Mondays are so blue

Is there something that really makes you dread the start of the week? Pin it down. Do something about it. If ultimately you just don’t like the job, begin to explore the job market, even if it’s just to see what's out there. 

5) Get a new playlist ready

Playing some pumping tunes to get in you in the mood for the day can make a world of difference. Turn off the mellow tunes and play some pop hits! 

6) Catch the zzz’s 

There isn’t something much worse than dragging yourself out of bed when you’ve not had enough sleep. It can be easier said than done when you’re 4 episodes deep in your latest Netflix series. 

7) Love Your Job

Ultimately the best thing to get you through the week is to love your job. If you enjoy what you do, Monday won't feel like a chore, and Friday will soon come around. Staying motivated and excited about your role is in your hands; if it's not satisying you - do something about it.

The Monday Blues is a real thing. Don’t let it ruin what could otherwise be a great day! Take some small simple steps to help brighten the start of your week.