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How You Can Have Money & Happiness

​According to Forbes, you don’t have to choose between money and happiness. They’ve recently reported on“10 Happiest Six-Figure Jobs 2017” and the outcomes are surprising…

CareerBliss analysed company reviews and identified the happiest company based on their answers about management, compensation, workplace environment, growth opportunities and job satisfaction.

Here’s the result of the happiest high paid jobs of 2017 (according to CareerBliss):

10) Vice President of Sales

9) Director of IT

8) Director of Operations

7) Senior Business Analyst

6) Senior Project Manager

5) Creative Director

4) IT Project Manager

3) Senior Software Developer

2) Directional Driller

1) Systems Engineer

Do the results reflect your experience? All of these jobs offer salaries of over $120k and rate highest on the “happiness scale”.

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