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You Don’t Need a Telescope to See What Is in Front of Your Nose

​For me, good business is about doing your best in your current situation.

You might keep a weather eye on what might be coming around the corner, and the past might still have an influence on your actions, but if you keep things “present” and aim to make the best decisions for where you are today, you won’t go far wrong.

For managers, much of living in the present means making yourself available for employees, and helping them to solve the problems of today rather than slaying the imaginary demons of tomorrow.

It is so tempting to try to solve tomorrow’s problems as early as possible, but when you take your eye of what is going on in the present, tomorrow’s problems tend to get that little bit bigger. Put the telescope away, get rid of the crystal ball and simply open your eyes.

Disruption is a word that is talked about a lot these days. This is going to happen in the future, this technology will change the world and robots will leave us all without jobs.

However, much of this disruption is already happening around us, and it is how we react to our present circumstances that will dictate our future. Many recruitment processes are becoming more automated – we have to move with the times. Communication with clients and candidates are becoming more social – I am writing to share my voice. Recruitment is becoming a key activity for staff retention – as you have to attract the right “fit” people in the first place.

All of these things can be influenced right here and right now.

There is more than enough to be getting on with in the present to be concerned with what might (or might not) happen tomorrow. This idea lies at the heart of mindfulness, and ignoring it is a sure way to stress and worry. You can do something about what is in front of your nose, but you are often powerless to influence the future until the moment that it actually comes to pass.

As we all strive to grow our businesses, work closer with our clients and advance our careers, this is possibly the best piece of advice that I can give. When you are sitting in a meeting, talk about how you can improve what is going on today. When you are chatting with a colleague, as them about their day and think how you can make a difference to make it that little bit better. When you get home, relax and do something else so that your thoughts don’t immediately turn to tomorrow.

When you focus on what is in front of your nose, all sorts of perspectives open up.

- Written by David Harrison, AustCorp Founder