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7 Things You Should Never Discuss at Work

​It can be a little too easy to get swept away with a conversation in the office and say something you shouldn’t. It’s natural we look to bond with the colleagues around us through shared interests, but there should be a few topics that are strictly out of bounds. 

Here are 7 topics that should stay out of the office: 

1) Your Hangover

It doesn’t make you sound like the cool kid. It makes you sound unprofessional, and definitely won’t a great impression in the office or do anything for your reputation. We’ve all been there but try and keep  it on the down low. 

2) Their Age

Unless you’re particularly pally with a colleague, this is probably a topic to avoid. No one wants to be drawn into a conversation where you’re being asked “How old do you think I am?”…

3) Your Salary

Nothing good can come from a salary discussion. You’ll either end up annoyed your salaries don’t match, feel ashamed you’re getting paid more than a colleague or you’ll both be on the same and nothing will come of it.

4) Your Gossip

Resist the urge! We’ve all done it, but again you don’t want to be known as the key gossiper in the office. Be professional and try and be empathetic; would you like someone discussing things about your work performance, or family situation or well, anything really. 

5) Their Political Views

Don’t get on your high horse about politics. If it comes up in the office, try and defend your own views without insulting others’.  Everyone is entitles to their own opinion. 

6) Their Family Planning

Don’t ask a colleague if they’re planning on having a baby; it’s also illegal in an interview situation. Whether they are or not, I’m pretty sure they will let you know either way at some point. 

7) Their Personal Appearance 

People don’t want to be judged on what they wear. In any job role you’re work performance should be more integral than your outfit choice. Especially for a woman.