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5 Tips For Managing your Work-Life Balance

Are you struggling to manage the demands of your career with life away from the office? Plenty of people are “time-poor” and everyone knows being too involved in work has considerable negative side effects on your health and mental wellbeing, not to mention if you’re also trying to raise a family. 

There are studies that highlight working is generally good for your mental health, by providing structure and a sense of purpose, but finding the balance is key. 
Juggling the two can be stressful, but here are just a few ideas to help alleviate some of your struggles: 

1) Set Curfews

If you’re finding it hard to switch off, set strict time zones. One for working, one for socialising or being with the family. 

2) Think about what you can do, not what you can’t do

Stop being so demanding of yourself. You’re not a robot. Think positive and remember what you’ve achieved today, not what’s still yet to be done. Realise that delegation isn’t a sign of weakness but a necessity sometimes.

3) Speak to someone 

If you’re struggling you’ll be surprised how speaking to a manager can ease your workload, sometimes just venting to a friend can ease the strain too.

4) Switch all your online alerts off 

We are inundated with messages across all forums, it’s not just emails or phone calls these days, especially if you work in recruitment. LinkedIn and Facebook are the biggest culprits so switch these off to improve your efficiency when you are working, and leave work behind when you’re out of the office. 

5) Try Mindfulness 

Plenty of people might scoff but meditation, or other mindfulness activities have proven positive effects on the mind. If you’re struggling to switch off, give it a go. It might even be worth suggesting it as a team activity like at AustCorp. ​