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International Women’s Day: Advice to my 20- Something Year Old Self

​International Women’s Day: Advice to my 20- Something Year Old Self as a Female Leader

As we celebrate International Women’s Day (with quite a few office cakes…) we couldn’t be happier to introduce Arabelle into our senior management team. With over 10 years in Operations, Arabelle has succeeded in breaking into the male dominated world of Operations; she’s smashed it… and that glass ceiling. 

Our latest mantra at AustCorp has been ‘the Ripple effect’ – what can we do to pass forward our success and continue the ripple of good intentions. So, we spoke to Arabelle about her career journey.

International Women's Day

Here are 5 key things, she would tell her twenty-something year old self, and maybe other twenty-somethings can take on board: 

1. Take more care of your health.

It’s really important as health and wellness feeds into everything. You become stronger (physical, mental, emotional, etc), more confident, more formidable, make better judgement and decisions. Also, as you grow older and face bigger challenges, you will need more and more energy to balance, carry on and support day to day work, family, friends and life in general. Looking after your mind and respecting body will go a long way. 

2. Always surround yourself with amazing people.

Hang out with positive people who will inspire you, support you and make you grow stronger. Keep an eye out for the passionate ones whom are genuine and true, and learn and grow with them.    

3. Travel more.

Get lost in a foreign place and find your way home. Travel is truly food for the soul and makes you more aware of what makes the world turn, makes you use and trust your instinct. Meet strangers in your journey. You’ll have great stories to tell your kids (and grandkids) …  

4. It’s OK to do your degree as a mature student.

Don’t feel like you are falling behind professionally and worry about what everyone thinks about what you should have done by now and where you should be in your career. You are in control and will take on your Masters degree at the right time, and you will succeed at it. 

5. Life’s too short. Buy the shoes.