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Sydney Construction Industry – What to Expect in 2019/20

Commercial Construction

We are likely to see continued growth within the commercial sector thanks to large scale Infrastructure, Education and Mixed-use projects around Sydney. Activity is expected to remain strong until at least 2021, so if you’re keen to work on some of the larger projects and get your foot in the door with some of Australians most rupturable construction companies then we’d love to hear from you.

The Australian Government has invested heavily in the growth of Sydney and are committed to achieving their goals. For 2019/20, we can expect further growth in the commercial construction sector of around 13.4%.

Residential Construction

With banks continuing to tighten their lending criteria, we are expected to see a decline in residential construction of around 4.8%. Many large projects have already reached or are nearing completion, but it is important to note that there are still around $4.8 billion worth of projects under construction around the Sydney CBD area. Whilst activity in the residential sector is starting to slow down, this should not be a cause for concern as there’s still plenty of work to go around.

Employment Growth

Whilst the downturn in residential construction will no doubt have a negative effect on employment, many workers will still be able to find work in the commercial and infrastructure sectors. From December 2019 through to June 2020, employment is expected to rise by approximately 4.4%.

10 developments that'll change the face of Sydney by 2027

1. Walsh Bay Renewal Project - A world-class hub for performing arts

2. Sydney Fish Markets 2.0 - A pimped-up Fish Markets, twice the size and just as fresh

3. Sydney Modern - A major expansion for the Art Gallery of New South Wales

4. Joynton Avenue Creative Centre - A community space in the centre of Green Square

5. The Creative Learning Centre - The Opera House’s first dedicated space for children

6. Sydney Park Skate Space - A new grinder’s playground

7. The Paper Mill - Tramsheds for Greater Western Sydney

8. MAAS Project Parramatta - Ariverside museum in Parramatta

9. Sydney Metro - The tube! A skyline! Underwater tunnels!

10. Sydney Harbour High Line - The Lower North Shore’s answer to the New York High Line

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