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10 jobs on the rise in 2023

As we all settle into 2023, some of you may have begun this year with a clean slate. But with the changes in the employment landscape, from hybrid and remote work to a cloudy-looking economy, you may stop to wonder what the best career move would be. 

Let’s face it, some jobs that existed once upon a time no longer do. Others have had a facelift with title changes, and there are plenty of new roles emerging. One way to navigate this uncertainty is to look toward and prepare for the future. 

To guide you along, we’ve put together a list of the ten jobs on the rise in 2023.


10 of the fastest-growing jobs

LinkedIn’s latest report forecasts the following as the fastest-growing jobs in Australia.


1.       Technical program manager – they oversee the IT projects within the organisation to ensure they meet the objectives and stay on target. 


2.       Cyber security engineer – with cyber security being a growing concern, it’s no surprise that cyber security engineers are in demand. After all, their role is to install secure network solutions to identify and defend against potential cyber threats to the organisation's IT systems.


3.       Health assistants – nurses and doctors require solid support to do their job. Enter health assistants. Their role is to work alongside health professionals to provide the necessary patient support and care. 


4.       Business development representative – as businesses look to grow after the COVID slowdown, business development representatives are in demand to help them scale up through strategic partnerships.


5.       Machine learning engineer – with AI on the rise, there’s no surprise why machine learning engineers are growing in demand. They’re the ones that create the coding and systems.


6.       Clinical exercise physiologist – health is always going to be a priority, as is healthcare. Clinical exercise physiologists work in hospitals alongside healthcare professionals to put together and supervise lifestyle and fitness programs. 


7.       Site reliability engineer – nobody likes a glitchy app. This is where the site reliability engineer steps in to ensure the apps and websites you use run efficiently and as smoothly as possible. 


8.       Sales development representative – just like a business development rep, sales reps are responsible for growth. But instead of growing through strategic partnerships, sales reps help scale up by focusing on increased sales by approaching prospective customers. 


9.       Sustainability managers – as businesses strive to become more eco-friendly, they need someone to ensure they keep on track and comply with the relevant environmental laws, and that’s exactly what sustainability managers do. 


10.   Cloud engineer – more and more of us are now using the cloud to save and share documents and images. Such applications need to be built and maintained by cloud engineers. 


These are only some of the jobs expected to see a rise. There are plenty more where these came from, including nurse practitioners, software programmers, and construction managers. 


Check out the Australian Financial Reviews list of the ten most in-demand office roles in 2023.

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